General Event Info

What makes Stadiumlinks different from traditional golf?

Stadiumlinks is a golf experience focused on your ball striking at some of the most epic tee box locations on the planet, so don’t confuse Stadiumlinks with a traditional round of golf. This is anything but traditional, from hitting a wide range of golf shots at the top of your favorite pro stadium all the way to the unique one-of-a-kind scoring at each hole. Leave the putting and pace-of-play frustrations to your local golf course or country club tournament, because Stadiumlinks is all about rewarding you with an unforgettable and untraditional golf experience spanning your exclusive access of the stadium to your memorable tee shots at each of our 9 tee box locations.

Where can I show off my putting and short-game skills?

After you’ve completed your round of Stadiumlinks golf, you will have the opportunity to participate in putting and other short game contests for the chance to win cash and prizes. So don’t worry, if you’re the super competitive type, Stadiumlinks will test you in all aspects of your game and reward you at every step of the way for your proven skills.

Are there age restrictions?

Nope, all ages are welcome, just keep in mind that the price for registration is the same regardless of age.

Scoring & Prizes

How do I score my round of Stadiumlinks golf properly?

At each of the 9 tee boxes, you will be allowed one ball to count toward your score. No mulligans are allowed to improve your score at any hole, unless you purchase the VIP upgrade, in which case you will be allotted an additional ball to count toward your score at each hole. Each hole on the course is a par-3, with a score at each that ranges from 1 for a hole-in-one to a 5 for a double bogie. Each score is determined as follows: (1) If your ball ends up in the cup for a hole-in-one, then your score is an eagle; (2) If your ball rests within the painted circle surrounding the target flag for that particular hole, then your score is a birdie; (3) If your ball rests on the target green for that particular hole (or on the line), then your score is a par; (4) If your ball makes it to the field level, but does not land on the target green for that particular hole, then your score is a bogie; (5) If your ball does not make it to the field level, then your score is a double bogie.


What do I get with my Standard Registration for a tee time booking?

When you register for a twosome or foursome player booking for participation in the event, you will get to play the 9-hole, par-3 Stadiumlinks course and register a score for your round with the chance to win the $500 cash purse. The experience will last a lifetime as you join a rare club of individuals who get the chance to tee it up inside an iconic sports stadium. By participating in the event, you will begin your round of Stadiumlinks golf at your registered tee time and you will tee off at each of our 9 uniquely constructed tee boxes located at diverse distances, elevations, and angles in the stadium with target greens that are the first of their kind located on the playing field. In addition to covering your admission and participation in the event itself, you will get complimentary use of golf clubs at each hole and exclusive access to the stadium in an intimate and spectacular format.

What do I get with the VIP Upgraded Registration?

You get everything from the Standard package plus the following exclusive upgrades: pre-round warm-up in one of our practice bays + one additional shot at each of the nine holes to count toward your official Stadiumlinks score and experience + exclusive admission into the VIP Lounge after your round where you will have private access to upgraded accommodations.

Do I have to register in groups of two or four players?

Yes, due to the logistics of the event, we only offer the option to register in increments of twosome (2-person group) or foursome (4-person group) player bookings. If you have a group that is larger than four, you’ll need to purchase multiple twosome and/or foursome groups in separate registration checkout carts until you’ve registered for your entire group.

Can I get a refund if I decide I can't participate?

All sales are final and all registrations are non-refundable.

What if I don't know the names and information for all of the players in my group when I register?

No problem, just make sure your name and information is correct and leave the remaining fields blank or duplicate those fields with the information pertaining to yourself (the main player). Make sure that you update the names of the players in your group in advance of the event by logging into your EventSprout account which is automatically created for you when you complete your registration. You will need to re-set your password in order to gain access to your account and update your registration information and products.

Event Day Details

What if it's raining during the event?

This event is rain or shine, and besides, it wouldn’t be golf if the weather conditions didn’t play a factor in the difficulty of the course! The good news is that outside of your shots at each tee box, much of your experience will take place under the comfort of covered stadium concourse areas, exclusive luxury suites and clubhouse suites. That being said, just like a traditional round of golf, if there is thunder or lightning in the area, all players will have to stay out of the open areas of the course until any dangerous conditions pass by.

When should I arrive at the Stadium?

The earliest you will be allowed to arrive and check-in at the stadium is 90 minutes in advance of your designated tee time. We recommend arriving 30-45 minutes prior to your registered tee time. This will allow you ample time to enter the stadium, check-in at the clubhouse, and await for your official escort to the first tee box. If you’ve purchased the upgraded VIP package, you will have the opportunity to warm-up in one of our practice bays just prior to your tee time. So, if you registered as a VIP, then make sure you arrive with enough time for a 10-minute warm up directly before your tee time.

Where should I park at the Stadium?

Parking and arrival instructions will be emailed to the email associated with your registration the week of the event. We’ll also post this info on the event page of our website, so feel free to check back on our site.

Do I need to bring my own clubs?

Standard sized right-handed clubs will be available for use at each tee box, and the best part, they are complimentary. But if you prefer, feel free to bring your own.

How long does it take to play the course?

It generally takes 60 - 90 minutes to complete the course. Although you are welcome to hang around in the Clubhouse or VIP Lounge (if you purchase the VIP upgrade) as long as you'd like.